How to Apply

Any individual, co-operative society, company or partnership firm can file an application for setting up of Special Economic Zone. The application is to be made in Form-A to the concerned State Government and the Board of Approval (BOA) in the Department of Commerce, Government of India. However the application would be considered by the BOA only when the State Government recommendation is received.

Minimum area requirements for setting up a SEZ are as follows:
Sector Area in Hectares
Multi Sector SEZ 1000 hectares
Sector Specific SEZ 100 hectares
FTWZ 40 hectares
IT/ITES/handicrafts SEZ Bio-technology/
non-conventional energy/gems and jewellery Sector
10 hectares

Once the BOA gives formal approval and the concerned Development Commissioner gives an inspection report certifying the contiguity and vacancy of the area, the area is notified as SEZ.

Last Updated:27-11-2018